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5 natural solutions to reduce hot flashes

Any time I hear women talk about menopause, someone inevitable brings up hot flashes. Everyone moans and nods in agreement that they are the worst. 

I get it! I used to break out into a full sweat just by getting up...and this girl hates to sweat! 

So, if you don't like to sweat as much as I do, here are my top 5 Natural Solutions to Reduce Hot Flashes.

YES! Reduce Hot Flashes!

Cold...getting warmer...You're Hot!

Remember as a kid, someone would hide something and then they would tell you how close you were getting to that object by how "hot" you were?

Yeah, menopause it's nothing like that! 
One minute, you're as cool as a cucumber, the next minute, you feel like you're a kettle about to blow your top.

When I was going through cancer, I was thrown into the wonderful world of menopause. Not only was I dealing with the whole cancer thing...treatments and recovery...but I had to rediscover how my body was working.

Every little trick I did prior just stopped working...which was so frustrating. I was gaining weight no matter what I was doing. I couldn't sleep more than 4 hours a night, and that my friends, was considered a good night. 

Now cue the hot flashes! No matter what I was doing, if I did more than breathe, I'd break out into a sweat. I saw a quote once that said, "Since I get just as sweaty, can I count my hot flashes as mini workouts?" Wouldn't that be great!

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january jumpstart

I've made New Year's Resolutions,
just to quit three weeks later.

I don't know about you,
but I always felt incredible guilty
and then promise myself that I'll accomplish it before next January!

However, I'd end up waiting till 
New Years Eve just to make the same
resolution I had made the year prior.
(or should I say years prior!)


This 28 day challenge is all about creating healthy habits that
you actually want! This is a true
reset and lifestyle change.

We'll work on 4 key areas: nutrition, hydration, exercise, and sleep.

There's a private Facebook group,
a workbook, cooking classes with recipes, online meet-ups, and prizes.

Plus a few special gifts to help
make the transition towards
healthier choices a little easier. 

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