Plantish Life- My food philosophy

If it comes from the ground or the fruit of a tree…its plant based!
~ Kristie Holladay

I never really thought about my food philosophy until I went to the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. When they posed the question...what’s your food philosophy, I had to pause and think. 
If you had asked me that question years ago, without hesitation I would have said plant based. But over the last few years a shift had happened in me and my family. 
So often I’d see “healthy vegan foods” that were no healthier than the junk food version. So even if I said plant-based, that really wasn’t how I wanted  to eat or my family to eat. So, I paused. 
How did I want to eat?
How did I want to encourage my family to eat? (they’re NOT plant based)
How did I want to encourage my clients to eat?
In a perfect world, this is how I would eat.
Whole Foods: I want to stay as close as possible to how the food was originally created —minimally processed, organic, non-GMO, seasonal, and locally grown.

Plant Based: anything that grows from a plant is on the menu: grains, legumes, fruits, veggies, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds.
Minimal Amounts: a nod towards pescatarian—seafood and cooking oils (extra virgin olive oil/ avocado oil)
Limited: ghee, some animal product (but must be grass feed, pastured raise, organic, no hormones/ antibiotics)
Holidays: the traditional foods I grew up with...which usually means cheesecake for dessert. (I am trying to perfect a vegan version.) 
My Goals: to make as much from scratch and to eat from my own garden!
Because I know what I eat greatly effects how I feel and how my body will function. I try to constantly ask, “Am I fueling health or disease?” 
Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t allow for some indulgence. As you can see from above, I do! And it’s not about doing things perfectly because that will never happen. It means I create a plan that keeps me mindful about how food is affecting my body.
And the times where I do indulge, I know how to eat to bring my body back to balance. I believe that is the goal. To eat to nourish our bodies first...and then a little bit to nourish our souls!

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