Plant Based Medicine

It wasn't until I was going through my treatments that I realized how amazing essential oils truly are! One of the things I love most about essential oils is that they don't have any side effects like traditional medicine. Plus, they don't force your body to do a certain function, instead they gentle nudge and support the body to respond naturally as it should! 

Before I dive into how amazing essential oils are, I just want to clarify that everything I say regarding essential oils are in conjunction with doTERRA's essential oils. Simply because they have proven to be... 

Pure: not adulterated 

Consistent: every bottle has the same compounds as the one previous and the one to come. 

Sourced: they source plants from their natural habitat which makes them more effective. Nature is always better than synthetic. 

ADDED Bonus: Doterra has such a beautiful philosophy... they want to source the best oils while helping the most people. They not only work alongside their farmers, but also go into their communities and dig wells, build schools and hospitals, and truly give people a future and legacy they can pass down. 

Plus, they are concerned about our world and the impact they are leaving by doing so. That's why they have reduced their carbon footprint, along with making things refillable and recyclable as much as possible. 

So why do I love these oils (plant-based medicine) so much?

Because unlike food, it doesn’t need to be broken down and then sent into our blood stream. Instead, essential oils are much quicker.

When we diffuse an essential oil, the molecules go through the olfactory nerve in our nose and send a message to the brain within 30 seconds. This message is then received to the brain and then sent to the rest of the body. 

So, if I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can put a few drops of Adaptiv into the diffuser and within a minute, I’ll begin to feel my mind and body relax. As an added bonus, I love to add a couple drops of Lemon to really make the room smell amazing!

Or when we apply an essential oil topically, it will be found in our blood stream within minutes. So, for instance, when the weather is changing and I’m starting to feel some head tension, I can apply a bit of Peppermint and within minutes the tension begins to minimize.

And the most amazing thing is that these highly concentrated drops will work on the cellular level within 20 minutes! Which means it works on our whole body and not just the area of concern. 

Because our bodies are complex and connected, when we’re experiencing a particular symptom, much more is going on underneath the surface. Our bodies are always trying to get back into balance and essential oils are a great way to help restore that balance. 

Curious to know if essential oils can work for you too? Book a 20 minute call and I’d love to help.

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