Why I’m Passionate About Nutrition

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a holistic mindset. It probably started when I was a kid and had to take what I called horse pills to manage my asthma...and I hated taking those pills! However, I didn’t truly understand the power of food until it hit me personally.
Now, I come from a large Mexican-Italian family, so I pretty much grew up in the kitchen. Everything in life was around food…from celebrating, comfort, and showing name it, food was in the middle of it. (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
The first time I even considered that food could impact health was when my dad had a major heart attack. After surgery, I remember him talking to me about how heart disease runs on his side of the family and because of that, we all needed to be mindful about it.
At that time, I was just a few years younger than my grandmother was when she had her first heart attack. I knew I had to do something. I didn’t want my boys to grow up without me. So, the family supported my dad on this new journey to see how and if food could really help heal his body.
My sweet aunt, my dad’s sister, suffered from heart disease earlier and had been eating a plant-based diet for years. She of course told my dad and before we knew it, we were diving into the wonderful world of plants. 
Now let’s be honest for just a moment. It wasn’t easy at first. And maybe I wouldn’t have called it wonderful either. But anytime you’re coming from a place of urgency, you’re willing to dive in and learn as much as you possibly can. To our surprise, we quickly realized how many foods we already ate that were plant-based. And for the most part, it was the ones you knew you should be eating more of... like fruits and veggies. 
But it didn’t truly become personal until I was diagnosed with cancer eight years later. I knew if I wanted to get through chemo well, I had to eat in a way that would allow my body to repair all at the same time.
Chemo is aggressive.
My cancer was aggressive.
So, I had to eat aggressively to help balance it all out. 
And that's exactly what I did. Was I But thankfully I knew enough to help my body deal with all the side effects of treatment. I consumed more veggies and super foods, tried to eat balanced meals, and hydrate as much as possible.
I truly believe nutrition played a key role in helping me restore my body. Four years still is!
That’s why I’m passionate about nutrition. For me, it was a life saver. It allowed me to go through cancer gracefully, to come out stronger, and more thankful for the life God has given me. 
And that’s my desire. To help women learn how to use nutrition to restore their bodies. To help bring their bodies back into balance so they can live the life that God has called them too. A life filled with pursuing their dreams, vibrant and with purpose. That is my hope.

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