let’s keep it simple


Simple is best! So often we can overcomplicate the process, which leads to frustration and burnout. But if we keep things simple and in small tangible steps, it's amazing how much more we can accomplish in a short amount of time. Some is better than none. 

January Jumpstart


So often I have made New Year's Resolutions... just to quit three weeks later. I don't know about you, but I've always felt incredible guilty and then promised myself that I'll accomplish it before the year ends. 

However, most of the time, I'd end up waiting till the following January
and basically had the same resolution as I did the year before.
(or should I say years!)

I think sometimes our mindset tells us we have a WHOLE YEAR
to accomplish our goals, so we have time to procrastinate. 

~ we have a major event coming up (wedding, graduation...)
~ we're frustrated and can't stand our situation
~ we're sick and we're wanting to get better

That's where January Jumpstart comes in.
It's never too late to hit the reset button and begin moving forward,
even imperfectly, towards our goals. 


STARTS JUNE 20, 2022  

Four KeY Areas

During this 28 Day Challenge, we will work on setting up a good foundation in 4 "key" areas.
Hydration, Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep.

  • Private Facebook Group: This is where we'll be tracking our daily accountability, along with cheering each other on! Plus, it's where all the videos, raffles, and information will happen.
    It's also a great place to ask questions.
  • January Jumpstart Workbook: This beautiful guide will help you move through these next 28 days. It will have weekly goals, suggestions, and recipes, along with what to focus on for the upcoming week. (value: $30)
  • Zoom Online Meet Ups: Accountability is such a wonderful motivator. But community is even better! We'll meet so we can get to know one another and also share what's working for us and get ideas for areas we're stuck in.
  • Cooking Classes: I remember when I first began trying new ingredients. I wasn't sure how to use these ingredients or even what to do with them. So each week, we'll be in the kitchen. I'll share some easy and quick meal ideas, snacks, drinks, and even desserts. (value: $150)
  • Small Tangible Goals: One reason this program is different is because our primary goal is setting up a solid foundation. So often we get distracted by the end result. But if we don't have good "habits" in place, we'll never get to those results. 
  • Weekly Raffles: To help keep us motivated, I like to do a weekly raffle. For each comment, like, question or post you'll get entered to win some fun prizes. You can earn multiple entries a day!

Free Gifts

When we begin to implement change, it effects us more than just the thing we're trying to change. As extra support, you'll receive a roller bottle for sleep, hormone, and stress support, along with a jar of body butter for balance support. (value: $50)